Educator Assistant positions in – sayouth careers

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Educator Assistant positions in – sayouth careers

About Nova Pioneer

Imagine a world in which every youthful person across Africa attends a academy that truly sets them up for success in the 21st century. A academy that cares about individual scholars and allows them to explore the world around them. A academy that focuses further on developing chops than on memorising content. At Nova Pioneer, we’ve done further than just imagine this future ━ we are bringing it to life. Nova Pioneer is apan-African, independent network of seminaries offering high quality, accessible education frompre-primary through secondary academy. Nova Pioneer uses a unique, enquiry- grounded literacy approach that encourages scholars to ask “ why ” rather of telling them the “ what ”. It allows them to form their own thinking through disquisition, disquisition and collaboration. Nova Pioneer presently has 16 seminaries in South Africa and Kenya with a vision to launch 100 seminaries and reach knockouts of thousands of scholars across the African mainland in the coming decade. To learn further visit:

About the part

Nova Pioneer is looking for Foundation Phase Apprentice schoolteacher. Apprentice preceptors support instruction and classroom operation and are responsible for helping to drive a rigorous, enquiry- grounded literacy terrain the Nova Pioneer way. Apprentice preceptors are supported by Resident preceptors who mate with them in their growth trip- observing assignments, furnishing feedback and guiding

Liabilities for the part include

– Help and support Resident preceptors to deliver poignant and engaging enquiry- grounded assignments supported by technology to enhance educational delivery
inoculate joy and passion for learning into assignments so that scholars are agitated about and invested in their academic excellence
– Help to set and communicate rigorous and ambitious pretensions for all scholars and give pupil feedback so they internalize it
– Work collaboratively with the resident schoolteacher to conduct ongoing assessment of pupil progress. Use assessment data to acclimate educational content and delivery ways consequently
– Attend daily feedback meetings with resident preceptors and elders to enhance tutoring practices
– Completely share in openings for professional growth including diurnal platoon meetings and reflections, daily professional development meetings, educational coaching, and organisation wide literacy and reflection
Communicate regularly with parents throughe-mail, telephone and parent- schoolteacher conferences
– Contribute to and share inco-curricular programming for at least one exertion in the course of a term.
– Share in a variety of cooperative brigades and panels, fulfil supervision duties as assigned including some morning, evening and weekend events.

Qualifications needed

– You’re pursuing a Bachelorette’s Degree in Education and entering your third or fourth time of study OR a Bachelorette’s Degree Post Graduate Certificate in Education( PGCE)
– You won’t be a good schoolteacher at the launch of 2024
– You’re specialising in Foundation and/ or Intermediate phase NOT elderly phase.
– You’re provisionally SACE registered
– You have English and Mathematics tutoring experience or class knowledge- experience in Singapore Maths and THRASS( English) isn’t mandatory but ideal
– Experience and/ or understanding of Cambridge class objects would be an advantage rates of a successful seeker

– You love tutoring and care deeply about the success of each and every pupil
– You have a deep understanding of children and you know how to connect with the specific age group that you educate
– You’re deeply committed to your development as a schoolteacher and welcome formative feedback, rephrasing feedback into advancements and inventions in your approach and in your classroom, You’re suitable to work within a platoon- grounded terrain and unite with other resident preceptors, apprentice preceptors and deans, You communicate openly and effectively with your associates
– You’re complete at using technology for instruction


Valid Police concurrence( no aged than 6 months)
ID Copy/ Passport
Work Permit( if applicable)
SACE instrument
How to Apply

Does working at Nova Pioneer excite you? If so, also apply now!

To apply, please complete the form on the right- hand side of this runner. We can not reuse operations that are posted to us.

Please note Where a dupe of your capsule is needed, copying and pasting from a formatted documente.g. Microsoft Word may not affect in the formatting transferring rightly to the final capsule. You’re encouraged to attach your capsule in Microsoft Word or PDF format to cover formatting.

Operations will be reviewed on an ongoing base until the right seeker is linked. Only good campaigners will be invited for interviews.

About tutoring at Nova Pioneer

Nova Pioneer preceptors do n’t lecture, they lead conversations and grease systems that help scholars engage deeply and suppose critically about course material. There are two types of preceptors at Nova Pioneer Resident preceptors and Apprentice preceptors.

Apprentice preceptors are high eventuality individualities with an appetite to learn and grow into a resident schoolteacher. Apprentices are paired with a resident schoolteacher who provides them with mentorship and coaching, observes assignments and provides regular feedback so that they’re soon suitable to enjoy their own classrooms. Apprentice preceptors may support further than one occupant schoolteacher across multiple classrooms. Apprentice preceptors have generally completed a bachelorette’s degree and are pursuing a tutoring qualification. Apprentices have the instigative occasion to work at Nova Pioneer while still pursuing their studies this gives them the occasion to get real experience and earn plutocrat at the same time! If similar apprentices do well in their time at Nova Pioneer they could be offered a job as a Resident schoolteacher once they’ve qualified.

Centralised assignment planning supports preceptors to enable them to deliver rigorous enquiry- grounded literacy and to engage deeply with scholars to help the on their individual literacy peregrinations.

Nova Pioneer also welcomes professionals who are looking to make a career change into education and are passionate about pursuing a new career in tutoring.

Working at Nova Pioneer

Nova Pioneer is committed to the achievement and conservation of diversity and equity in employment. Nova Pioneer is a place where our people witness tremendous growth, presto! We invest heavily in the growth of our people because it leads to lesser mastery in both us and our scholars. “ Novaneers ” work harder and work longer hours than utmost seminaries but as a result, the growth they witness is extraordinary. We offer harmonious and ongoing particular development and give clear career pathways that insure that our people are always achieving their particular and professional stylish. Nova Pioneer has a largely energetic, entrepreneurial terrain where our people get to bring their creative and innovative ideas to life. We look for people who are flexible and who are suitable to acclimatize and respond snappily to adversity with a positive, can- do station( there are no problems, only results!). We drink challenges and roll with the punches because it makes us, and our scholars, better. There’s no problem too big for us! We work hard but we also have a lot of fun together. We bring contagious energy and enthusiasm to everything we do because joy energies the hardest work and literacy. Read further about our culture principles then.


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Please Note:

Nova Pioneer may appoint and/ or expire the advertisement of this announcement at their own discretion. If you haven’t been communicated within 30 days of the ending date of this announcement please consider your operation as unprofitable.
Nova Pioneer, in line with the POPIA( Protection of Personal Information Act) will essay to insure the confidentiality of all aspirants for this part.

Nova Pioneer will never request an application fee from candidates. If you are contacted with a request to pay a fee from someone claiming to be a Nova Pioneer Talent or Recruitment representative, please do not pay them and report it to us immediately on or

Closing date: Not Specified

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