Online Applications to submit your CVs for cleaning learnership – SAYOUTH CAREERS 

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Online Applications to submit your CVs for cleaning learnership – SAYOUTH CAREERS 

About Us

We specialise in Catering, installations Management, Cleaning and Hygiene, Pest Control, Protection, Energy, Procurement, Workspace Design, Engineering, Remote Camps, and more. The result is a knowledgeable pool that’s in touch with every nuance of our guests.

Cleaning Division has applied for optional backing to host learners in the Hygiene and Cleaning Supervision Qualification at an NQF position 3 and is awaiting a decision to be made in May 2024. A qualification in Hygiene and Cleaning Supervision has the implicit to significantly contribute to your professional growth and unborn success.

The purpose of the learnership is to help you in erecting essential chops and knowledge in cleaning and hygiene supervision.

Duties & liabilities

– Plant placement at drawing contracts office to fulfill admin duties, apply knowledge and chops and gain plant experience.
– Yearly contact sessions with a training provider must be attended.
– Interviews will be set up with campaigners who meet all the quested criteria at our Regional services.

Seta will pay a Stipend salary per month before UIF deduction once approved and enrolled and grounded on diurnal hours worked. The purpose of the stipend is to cover trip charges incurred while working and attending training.


Good capability to read, write and understand English
– Hard working
– Ambitious and married to your own particular growth.

Grade 12 successfully passed


Closing date: Not Specified

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